How to get rid of bedbugs easily


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Goodbye to bedbugs once and for all: an easy guide to eliminating these annoying insects

Welcome, in this article we will talk about a topic that concerns many people, which is “How to get rid of bedbugs permanently from the house.”

Bedbug infestation is one of the most common household nightmares.

These annoying insects cause insomnia and itching.

Not to mention its health risks.

But no need to worry,

In this easy guide,

  Effective steps to permanently eliminate bedbugs from your home

Using simple and safe home methods.

Understanding bug behaviors:


Bedbugs feed on human or animal blood.

They prefer to hide in dark and warm places.

Such as bedding, mattresses, carpets and furniture.

It spreads easily through used luggage,

Or pets, or even through travel.

Complex life cycle:

Bedbugs go through five stages of development: the egg,

The larvae (five stages), and the adult insect.

An adult insect can live for a year without food.

It produces approximately 500 eggs during its life.

Signs indicating its presence:

Bedbug bites usually appear on the skin as raised red spots.

It may cause severe itching.

Blood stains may also be found on the upholstery,

Or insect shells, or even live insects themselves.

Effective steps to eliminate bedbugs:

1. Relentless, thorough cleaning:

Upholstery washing:

Wash all bedding, sheets and curtains in hot water (over 50°C)

Place it in the dryer at very high temperatures until it dies completely

Bedbug eggs can be killed in hot water.

The high temperatures in the dryer help kill any surviving insects.

Thorough sweeping:

You must clean the house very well and constantly, preferably using a vacuum cleaner

Focusing on places where bedbugs are suspected.

You must also keep cleaning the vacuum cleaner bag immediately after each use away from home

Place it in a tightly closed garbage bag and dispose of it outside the home.

Clearing clutter:

Bedbugs like to hide in dark and messy places.

So, make sure to remove any clutter or piles of clothes or papers,

Vacuum all nooks and crannies in your home.

2. A careful examination that does not overlook any angle:

Furniture inspection:

Check all your furniture, especially the bed.

To look for signs of the presence of bedbugs, such as blood stains or insect shells.

Seal any cracks or holes in the furniture with a sealant.

Baggage screening:

Make sure to check all used luggage before bringing it home.

Especially bags and clothes.

It can be washed in hot water or tumble dried on high heat.

Pet screening:

If you have pets,

They may become carriers of bugs.

Bathe your pets regularly,

And wash their beds with hot water.

3. Effective treatment to eliminate bedbugs:

Steam is a powerful weapon:

Steam is an effective weapon against bedbugs.

It can kill both insects and their eggs.

Use a steam spray to treat all areas where you suspect bedbugs.

Focusing on cracks, crevices and upholstered furniture.

Natural materials are your ally:

Some natural materials are

Such as neem oil or oil